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Best Value in Pool Cleaner Service

Let's start with pricing: We aspire to be the best value in pool service in North Cyprus.


Our service goals are nothing less than your total 100% satisfaction.


We keep your pool safe, clean, and well maintained, so that you can enjoy years of low-cost operation.


* Did you know that a poorly maintained pool can actually deteriate more quickly than a well-maintained swimming pool, costing you lots of money in repairs years, before necessary? *


Not with us! Our technicians will keep your pool running lean and mean.

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North Cyprus Pool Cleaners
Professional, Affordable and Reliable

Superior Pool Cleaning

Thank you for choosing North Cyprus Pool Cleaners for your swimming service. We hope that our services meet your expectations. Feel free to give us your opinion!


We are not the largest pool service company in Northern Cyprus, nor are we the smallest. Our size lets us service a broad area, with maximum scheduling flexibility, while keeping your cost down. Need a special one-time cleaning? No problem, we run several routes and always have a technicians available. Have an equipment breakdown before the pool party? Not a problem, we can take care of it.



Pool Maintenance Services

We offer a range of pool services from a one off visit, holiday service to regular and scheduled pool cleaning service which can be adapted to suit your needs


• Test water chemistry

• Add the proper chemicals

• Inspect equipment for any leaks or normal wear

• Remove leaves, dust, and debris from your pool with vacuum

• Brush pool walls, grates and steps

• Check balance tank for low water

• Back wash filter as needed

• Clean pump basket

• Rinse and brush the deck around the pool every week at our normal visit (In the long run, this will save you money in costly repairs and keep your pool deck looking new) (Optional)



Our monthly service starts at £50.00 (based on a 8m x 4m swimming pool  - once a week visit)


Still need something else? Don’t worry, we can help you. Just give us a call or email us!!


Tired of breaking your back cleaning what should be your holiday getaway?


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North Cyprus Pool cleaners are here to let you relax by your pool instead of looking at it as a chore.


Need a domestic cleaner

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